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Massive Weight Loss

Massive Weight Loss

It is truly amazing to get rid of all those unwanted pounds

It is even more fantastic to achieve the shape you have always wished for

Post Massive Weight Loss Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Mickel has expertise in post weight loss body contouring to help patients who have experienced massive weight loss take their final steps towards the new life they dreamt of before their weight loss surgery. Redundant skin can act as a daily reminder of the life patients want to leave behind as well as causing other health and hygiene issues. Inelastic skin and fatty tissue deposits are difficult to reverse with exercise alone.

Patients considering massive weight loss surgery and those who have already undergone a bariatric procedure should be aware of the changes that occur in the body following massive weight loss. With few exceptions, individuals following significant weight loss develop generalized or focal areas of excess skin.

The primary cause of excess skin following massive weight loss is relatively simple. Similar to pregnancy where the muscles, skin and other tissues of the abdominal wall expand to accommodate the fetus, a similar process occurs with the accumulation of fat in the body. There are important differences however. The process of fat accumulation in morbidly obese individuals often begins during childhood or adolescence, prolonging the period of tension on the skin. In addition, the area of tissue expansion in obesity is generalized rather than limited for the most part to the abdomen.

With massive weight loss and following the delivery of a baby, the affected tissues tend to retract. When the tissues do not return to their previous state it is because they have been permanently damaged. In the case of skin, the elastic fibers have been broken. This can give the appearance of stretch marks, a condition often seen on the breasts and abdomen following pregnancy. How closely the skin and other tissues of the body resemble their appearance prior to pregnancy or obesity depends on similar factors.

Probably the most important determinant of how much loose skin an individual will have following weight loss is age. Younger patients tend to have less loose skin. The next most important factor is the amount of weight loss. An individual who loses 250 lbs. is likely to have more excess skin than somebody losing 80 lbs. Other less important variables include complexion, amount of sun exposure received over a lifetime, heredity and whether somebody is a smoker. Fair skinned people in general tend to develop more loose skin than darker individuals. Sun worshippers tend to sustain more tissue damage over the years and consequently more loose skin following massive weight loss. Some people tend to have “better” skin than others of similar complexion and lifestyle. This may be the result of hereditary factors that are not readily apparent. Finally, smoking breaks down collagen, a major component of skin and other structural components of the body. Smokers develop more loose skin than their non-smoking counterparts.

The most common procedures after Massive Weight Loss are:

Completely satisfied. Dr. Mickel, he should be recognized for the passion he has to help and care for his patients. He is very professional and kind taking the time to explain everything. I felt very cared for during my visit with Dr. Mickel and felt like he really wanted to help get my body back after the massive weight loss i experienced with the sleeve.


Before and After Photos of Post Massive Weight Loss Procedures

Seeing is believing. Click the link above to view a selection of Post Massive Weight Loss Before and After Photos from patients who have allowed us to share their before and after photos on our web site. If you choose Mickel Plastic Surgery, we will select additional before and after images from our large selection of plastic surgery patient photos for you to study as you consider your options. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to see the possibilities of Post Massive Weight Loss Cosmetic Procedures in Monroe, LA.