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Nose Shaping

Nose Shaping

Dramatic changes can be made or simple reshaping

A large nose can be made smaller

What is Nose Shaping?

Nose Shaping, or Rhinoplasty, is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of your nose. A large nose can be made smaller; a small nose can be made larger. A big hump can be removed, a wide tip narrowed or a crooked nose straightened. Dramatic changes can be made or simple reshaping may be the patient’s request. Changes to the outside appearance of the nose is many times performed in conjunction with surgery on the inside of the nose to improve a patient’s ability to breathe, this is called septoplasty.

Nose Shaping

Nose Shaping, or as some people call it, Nose Job, serves to shape your nose in order to blend harmoniously with your other facial features. Candidates for Nose Shaping believe that their nose does not fit with the rest of their face, whether too large, too long, too wide, too narrow, or too droopy. No matter the reason for rhinoplasty, Dr. Mickel will discuss with you whether Nose Shaping combined with other functional nasal procedures to improve nasal breathing may achieve your expectations.

In your initial consultation, Dr. Mickel will examine your nose including the skin quality, size, shape, and relationship to your other facial features. He will ask you to describe the exact features of your nose you would like altered. If he feels you have realistic expectations, he will discuss the pros and cons of the procedures available to achieve your desired result.

What is a typical recovery for Nose Shaping?

After the nasal surgery a dorsal splint, or nasal cast, is applied. It is removed within a week. The swelling is mostly gone at this time but some bruises may stay for another week. At this point however, they can be covered easily, if necessary, by camouflage make-up. Pain is usually very minor and well controlled by oral medications. There will be some swelling and stuffiness for several weeks, but patients usually resume their activities after a week.

What to expect during Nose Shaping recovery

  • Bruising and swelling around the eyes are normal and will fade within 1-2 weeks post-operatively
  • Discomfort is usually minimal and is control with medication
  • Some light bleeding and stuffiness might occur during the first few days
  • There will be a small splint on the outside to protect your nose for approximately 5 to 7 days after surgery
  • Return to light activity within a few days or as you feel ready
  • Resume full activity within 3-4 weeks

I love my new nose! It was wide and unattractive before so i decided to have it thinned out and reduced slightly in size. I have a great doctor to thank for boosting my confidence!


Before and After Photos of Nose Shaping

Seeing is believing. Click the link above to view a selection of Nose Shaping Before and After Photos from patients who have allowed us to share their before and after photos on our web site. If you choose Mickel Plastic Surgery, we will select additional before and after images from our large selection of plastic surgery patient photos for you to study as you consider your options. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to see the possibilities of Nose Shaping cosmetic surgery in Monroe, LA.