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Facelift Services in Monroe, LA

Facelift services offered in Monroe, LA

Facelift surgery can help you reclaim your younger-looking face. At Mickel Plastic Surgery, skilled board-certified plastic surgeon Timothy Mickel, MD, FACS, performs facelifts using a carefully cultivated approach that highlights your features while restoring a natural-looking, youthful lift. With more than 30 years of experience, you can rely on Monroe, Louisiana’s top plastic surgeon for beautiful results. Call the office or book your consultation through online scheduling now. 

Facelift Q & A

What does facelift surgery involve?

A facelift traditionally includes the surgical correction of sagging skin in the jowl, jaw, and midface areas. At Mickel Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mickel can combine a facelift with procedures to improve the appearance of aging skin in other areas, like your eyelids and neck as well.   

During facelifts, Dr. Mickel removes extra fat, trims excess skin, tightens muscles, and makes other corrections before draping skin and attaching it in a new position that looks more like your younger self. 

A full facelift addresses the signs of aging in multiple areas of the face, or you can have a facelift that addresses certain areas. Dr. Mickel discusses your specific needs so he can recommend the surgical approach best for you. 

What are the right reasons to have a facelift?

Dr. Mickel recommends facelifts to patients motivated by personal appearance reasons and who have realistic expectations for the procedure. 

The most common reason patients have facelifts is being unhappy with how their face looks as it ages. Many patients try nonsurgical procedures first, for example, laser treatments, Botox®, and fillers. 

Those treatments can yield excellent results, especially for those with the early signs of aging. But, deeper changes in your facial structure over time may require a more in-depth approach, and that’s where a facelift can come in. 

It’s vital that you understand both the possibilities and the limitations of facelift surgery. Dr. Mickel takes the time to discuss these things with you so he can determine whether this procedure is ideal for you. 

Can a facelift stop the aging process?

A facelift can’t stop the aging process, but it can effectively remove the most visible signs of aging. The procedure can make you look younger and fresher, which often has benefits in terms of self-confidence and self-esteem. While you’ll continue to age after a facelift, you’ll always look younger than you otherwise would. 

What will I look like after a facelift?

After your facelift you’ll look like you, just younger. A facelift is a way to enhance your appearance and bring it back to a place you’re happy with. 

Patients praise Dr. Mickel’s tiny and well-hidden stitches and artful surgical skills. He performs facelifts that look natural, normal, and beautiful. 

Call Mickel Plastic Surgery or click online booking to arrange your facelift consultation today.

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